Goodbye 2016...Hello 2017

I absolutely love fresh starts. So much so that this first blog post on my brand new site is my 3rd attempt because I didn't hit SAVE! But guess what? I am a glass half-full type of chic, so I figured my other drafts must not have been great enough for you (wink wink).

I am writing this post on New Year's Eve in a last ditch effort to get my new site launched before the end of the year. Am I the only one like that? You know, trying to get everything that you said you wanted to accomplish in 2016 done on the very last day? Nothing makes you move like pressure, right?

For me, it was important to accomplish this goal, even if it is on the last day of the year...just so that I can start fresh on January 1st.

So without further delay, welcome to my first post on my new site...I AM FON!

This new site is where I will share, teach, inspire, coach, train, and most importantly, encourage you to reach your fullest potential by going after the desires of your heart. Whether you hear me on the podcast, read my words, or wear a Fon Shirt... my goal is to encourage you and keep you moving forward. 

I've been coaching for six years and each time that I am of service to others in this way, my life has continued to be blessed, so I know THIS WORK is something that I am supposed to be doing. What about you? Do you know what you're supposed to be doing in YOUR life? Does your life represent the desires of your heart fully? If not, I encourage you to start the year off fresh...with me and be THE WHO you desire to be.

I'd love for us to stay connected so we can be consistent, intentional, and live the lives we dream about. If you're excited about living more purposefully in 2017, leave me a comment below and 


If you're excited about living more purposefully in 2017, leave me a comment below!