Whose Schedule Are YOU Waiting On?

Have you ever been on someone else's schedule? You know what I am talking about right? The kind of schedule that you put in place because that's what people "normally" do. Like graduate from college in 4 years. Get married after 3 years of dating. Give a two-week notice. I mean why can't you graduate in 3 or 5 years? What do you have to date for a long time because you know if you only date for 3 months, that's a BIG no-no, right? And what is the two-week notice about? Most people can't "wrap up their work" in that two-week period because they're too busy saying good-bye for two-weeks. So what's the deal with all these "normal timeframes?" And more importantly, how often do these superficial timeframes cause you to wait for no reason? 

In 2017, I want you to move when God says move and bust through the status quo. Sometimes we tell God to wait with our inaction. Why? Because we are so accustomed to these "timeframes." He is saying move to a new place. Start that business. Marry that girl/guy. Write that first blog post. Sell that first product today. But what do we say: Today? I'm not ready? You sure? Or my favorite and one that has no doubt made me wait..."But what will everyone think if I___________"

Stop waiting on perfect circumstances. Stop using other people's schedules for your life. The wait it over. Move. But not just in place...Move Forward.