Transitioning for Positioning

Life is filled with swift transitions. I heard this growing up in church. And when I was younger, I didn't quite understand what it meant. But as I get older, it makes sense. 2016 saw a lot of swift transitions. When you watch those end of the year wrap ups, it summarizes a year and you're life wow...we had some serious transitions. I personally experienced some major transitions in my life, and I believe that transitions are set-ups for new positions.

Have you ever been transitioned into a new position on your job or in an organization? Usually you asked for it or someone recommended you for it. Either way, you moved to a new position. In life, we are always transitioning throughout our journey. Some of our transitions go something like this: we go from kindergarten to  high school and from high school to college or jobs/careers to marriage to parenthood to empty nesters, and on and on. But each transition gets us into the next position so that we can continue down the path. 

What I want you to ponder is this: Are you intentionally transitioning for better positioning? Are your transition choices helping to position you for what's next?

Change is inevitable. Transitions are the direct result of change. Is it time for you to make some changes? Be encouraged to consider the position you're called to be in next...what changes do you have to make to transition to that position? Leave me a comment below.