Why You Can't Stay On Track

I am sure you set goals for the new year, right?

Whether you set them at the end of last year or the first week of this year, time has passed and you've already gotten off track. Nope, not looking in your window, but I know that most of us who set goals rarely achieve them without having gotten off track at least once.

So I began to ponder, why do we get off track? And a train track came to mind. 

Then I thought about this: some people get off track and never reach their destination, because they were never supposed to be taking a train to get there in the first place.

So let's assume in your business, you have many ways of getting to your destination. Your destination could be more clients, more products, more sales, hiring team, expanding, etc. There are many ways for you to get there, but you decide to the take the train. And then you are chugging along and then you get off track. 

But what if you were never supposed to be taking a train to get to your destination? Now you're all off track with no hopes of getting back on track...all because you didn't choose the right mode of transportation.

Maybe you were supposed to take a plane. Some of you were meant to take a bus. Others were meant to walk. And what's so crazy about those of you who were meant to take a walk to get to your destination, is that you were closer to your destination than you thought when you set out on the journey.

Knowing which mode of transportation you should take helps you stay on track. So how do I know which mode  of transportation I should take Coach Fon?


Take the best mode that will get you there. 

I know. You're probably staring at the screen like...what does that mean?

It simply means, don't take the road that you KNOW will take forever to get you there.

If your business destination is more clients, then ask yourself what will get you a client today, not a month from now (THIS IS A PLANE)

If your business destination is hiring a team, then choose the route that will allow you enough time to think about who you want, what you need for them to do, where they are most likely hanging out at, and also give yourself enough time to interview people more than once. (THIS IS A CAR). But some of you want to hire people immediately, which metaphorically speaking means you're in plane mode vs car mode).

Bottomline...depending on your destination, you should always carefully choose the best mode of transportation to get you there. That means don't just run off and get a train ticket when you need to be filling your car up with gas :-)

Your Action Step:

Write down where you're trying to go and what steps it will take you to get there. Then think about what could get you off track. Then choose the best way to get there the quickest. 

Remember, the sooner you get there, the less chance you have of getting off track!!!

P.S. I also recorded a podcast episode on this very topic! Check it out here!!!