One Year In

It’s been almost a full year since I officially became divorced. I don’t get to remember the day I got divorced because it was on February 29th during leap year of 2016 to be exact. But while I don’t get to revisit THAT day one year ago, the lessons I have learned in the days since have been life-changing, and evolutionary at best.  

This past year has been a major year of transition for me and I would say that the lessons I have learned, and still learning, have helped me to realize more and more, WHO I AM as a person. I have done more reflecting in the past year than I have done in my entire life. I have gotten to know the post-marriage me, the single-mom me, and yet and still, I feel like who I really am is also being fully rediscovered... journey-style, not sprint-style.

I have thought about writing about my experience for a while because that’s what writers do…we write. Every day, I asked myself what can I say? I didn’t want to speak publicly until I had something to share that would be encouraging, insightful, but also raw and real. I wanted to share what no one else tells you when you search in Google. 

Unlike my usual buttoned up and professional writing, that’s totally NOT what this is. A therapeutic, completely raw account of my experience is what this is. Me expressing myself unstructured.

I pray my words will resonate and help you.  Read the story on Medium here.