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Ready to Reinvent Your life?

I've created online courses and products perfect for your transition to a more fulfilling and purposeful life!


Start Your Biz Right!

Take the 4 Days to A Profitable Niche course

Knowing Your Niche Is the Key To Getting More Clients, Customers, Cash, and Confidence

In this 4 Day Audio Course, you'll learn how to choose a profitable niche for your services business. Whether you're a coach, consultant, online marketer, or even sell products, knowing WHO your target audience is (your niche) is the key to getting more clarity about your business, so you can in turn get more clients/customers, cash, and confidence. This course will guide you through a process that has helped hundreds of new coaches and business owners really get CLARITY on their niche.

At the end of this four-day course (which you can do in less time if you're super eager), you'll have a profitable niche that you can begin to use for creating courses, services, and or products that are a great fit for your newly discovered market.


Life After Divorce

This eCourse is designed to help you navigate to what's next in your life after divorce.

You've been through the hardest part and maybe you're still going through, but there is something in you that says, it's time to truly move forward and REINVENT yourself. It's time to write the next chapter of your life. This eCourse is designed to help you navigate your steps to the next phase of your life after divorce. 
Whether you've wanted to start a business, expand a business, write a book, or just design a life that you love, you'll have everything you need in this eCourse. Your new life awaits you.

ReInvent Your Life By Adding An Extra $1K 

Learn how to create a side hustle business to make up to $1K more a month in this free 5-Day eCourse!

Who doesn't want to add an extra $1K! Whether you're already an entrepreneur or want to become one, adding more money to your household income can totally help you ReInvent your lifestyle and create the space that will help you thrive. 

This course will help you figure out your new or next idea by walking you through a full-proof process that validates your idea and teaches you how to monetize it, so that you can increase your income.

If you've been wanting to take control of your finances and make more money, this free 5 Day eCourse is designed specifically for you.