Are you ready to reinvent yourself?

I'll show you the exact steps to rebuild your life!


What Part of your life can I help you Reinvent?


Create A Business

I want to reinvent my life and start an online business.

 Build what's NexT

I don't know what steps to take for what's next in my life.

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Life After Divorce

I'm divorced and ready to write the next chapter in my life.

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FREE LIVE WEBINAR: The Art Of Reinventing Your Life

August 10, 2017 @ 2:00 PM CENTRAL

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WHat You'll LEarn:

  • How to take inventory of your life.
  • The artistic way to clean your Life's Canvas
  • The three must-do things to prepare for REinventing
  • How to create a life you desire
  • The best way to get to What's Next

Lisa's Life...Reinvented.

"I landed four new clients in four weeks after working with Fon. Because I implemented what Fon taught me in her coaching program all four of those clients signed up for my signature program. This gave me the confidence (and the income) I needed to leave my day job and pursue my dream job full-time. Without Fon, I would have stayed bumbling around indefinitely, wondering how to turn my dream into a reality.  I am forever thankful to Fon for this.  I’m now four months in to my new life, running my new business, and loving every moment of my life.” Lisa Kent –

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Ready to Start Your PassioN Business?

Knowing your niche and WHO you serve is the most profitable way to start your business.